Time Management Success for CEO and Project Managers in 2020

When you are leading a business, you will have multiple demands on your time. From coordinating projects to helping resolve conflicts among your team members, it will appear like there are too many things to do, and not sufficient time to get them done.

Despite this challenge, you will have to see to it that each project is delivered within the given time for your project to be a success. Yes! Time management is your core function as a CEO/ project manager. You need to;

· Prioritize tasks

· Perform activities around those priorities

· Save time on executing tasks

· Logically schedule the activities

· Effectively allocate resources

· Budget the time to be dedicated to various activities, and

· Create a friendly work environment

Project time management can be overwhelming but don’t worry. This article will give you techniques and tools that will enable you to become an effective project manager.

Have A to Do List

To be an effective project manager, you need to ensure the tasks you are responsible for are getting done. If you develop a habit of forgetting or overlooking some actions, your team will start to lose confidence in you.

One of the tools you can Utilize to ensure you stay on top of your priorities is a to-do list. Your list should capture all activities that you need to execute to meet your goals and commitments in the near to medium term. There are different approaches you can utilize to sort your to-do-list. Most project managers list their activities by priority, but you can also use the due date approaches. The main point, you need one.

But why go too manual while you can accomplish the same using time tracking software like Dashable? It remembers all the tasks in your project making time tracking and check-ins easy. Further, it allows you and your workers to receive re-caps and reminders daily or even weekly. I suggest you go tech since it’s more convenient and easy. It allows real-time, 24/7 monitoring, and communication.


The Weekly Review

Conducting a weekly review is a good way to manage your time. It enables you to review all the actions you need to take, and then identify those that you have to prioritize.

During your review, make sure to update your to-do list or project details on Dashable. Then run through the list and choose which tasks you want to focus on this week. It is good to only select adequate tasks. If you choose too many tasks, you will end up being stressed, and you may lose focus. A weekly review will keep you focused on your important tasks. Otherwise, it is very easy to keep busy on so-called urgent tasks that only waste time.


Time Blocking

Once you have identified essential tasks during your weekly reviews, you should block off some time in your calendar to focus on each task. You will essentially be scheduling time to complete each task. When blocking off time in your calendar to execute tasks, leave room to handle unexpected interruptions such as urgent tasks that come up or a team member who stops by to discuss some issues with you.


Be Strong

For effective project time management, you need to learn to say no. You need to stick to the plan; it is too easy to get sidetracked on other things and soon your project will fall apart. Some of the things you need to say no to include;

· Inundation of telephone calls, emails, etc.

· Too many informal office conversations

· Procrastination

· Too many meetings

· Micro-managing

· Lack of technical knowledge

· General work overload

· Conflicting priorities


Eliminate the Unnecessary

A crucial element of project time management entails eliminating what does not need to be done. Sometimes, tasks are done by custom rather than need. Getting rid of such tasks frees up time to plan for all other things and help you manage your project better.


Create Structure

Apple has long used a schedule for annual product releases and software updates. Having such a structure is fundamental to keeping your projects moving forward and your team members consistently innovating. Ambitious deadlines push people beyond their comfort zone and come in handy in case of unexpected delays.


Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Lastly, make sure your workers fully understand their roles. Do not only ask them whether they understand what they need to work on, make them demonstrate it, and do the same. If all the people on your team are on the same page, then the project will keep moving on, and it will be easy to complete it on time.

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