Top 11 Free Social Media Marketing Tools To Blow Your Business To Success.

Working on social media can be a daunting task. It needs a lot of time because you must regularly contribute and stay updated with any change that may arise. Therefore, as a social media manager, you have to balance your effort and time to implement all the elements of marketing strategy successfully.

However, there are various free tools that can assist you with social media marketing. They will help you to save time and extend your influence. In addition, they will assist you to analyze your social media tasks, which will lead to an improvement in the quality of your work.
Here are the top 11 useful tools that will transform your experience in social media marketing for your business. These tools are free, easy to use in sharing, connecting and discovering content that is the main goal of your presence on social media. Indeed, it will assist you not only to simplify your social media marketing but also to improve your presence online that has a positive impact on your business.


1. Google Analytics

Google has offered a great application that you can utilize to monitor the statistics. Google Analytics assists you to get a vivid overview when it comes to the demographics, traffic source, visits, likes. It is possible to check the reaction to the user when he/she visit your site. This will assist you to acquire data on a transformation rate and the triumph of social media updates.


2. Pearltrees

Pearltree is an online application that assists you to gather and share your interest in a systematic way. It will also assist you to discover great resources and assist you to link with the individuals with parallel interest.



This platform assists you to discover and share useful resources very easily and conveniently. will assist you to build your online community and develop visibility. By curating topics, it enables you to communicate with your audience and share content in the form of newspaper, which is publishable across your social media accounts.

4. Disqus

Disqus is a great comment plugin which can be installed to your blog and assist you to raise the viral potential of your blog updates as comments are shared across the various social platforms. It also enables readers to track their comment, thus raising the chances of them revisiting your blog.


5. Cyfe

This is a dashboard that monitors your social media account and assists you analyze all the important data of your enterprise. Cyfe enables you to collect all the data, prepare a report and offer recommendations to be taken in order to improve your activities on social networks.

6. Klout

Klout is a great platform that you can use to measure how influential you are on social media or the internet. By measuring and tracking how people react on social media, you are scored to determine your influence. This will show your ability to engage and influence to respond.


7. HootSuite

This is a great platform that helps in optimizing the time spent on planning for posts. HootSuite is an online application that empowers you to access your personal dashboard, where all the key social media accounts like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube can be implemented. This enables you to post updates on various accounts from a central place. You can also plan the updates to be published by selecting the time and date as well as monitoring the statistics.


8. Mention

If you require an application that permits you to analyze your brand visibility, this is the answer to your worry. This platform monitor and assists you to stay informed of any comment on the social media and web. Comments are monitored and reported back to you so that you can improve your online activities and presentation.


9. SlideShare

SlideShare is the largest platform for sharing a presentation. It will also assist you to enhance your online presence by permitting you to create fetching presentations that can use to share useful content or visually to represent your services in a form of presentation.


10. PostPlanner

PostPlanner is a perfect tool that will assist you in managing your Facebook page or account. It displays your trending posts and assists you select perfect time for posting by showing you real-time analytics. This increases the traffic to your site.



Unlike Hootsuite, SocialScoup is another social media management tool that we find interesting. Not only will you be able to post to different social networks. The system will also assist you in post your website or blog content to your selected social accounts. This works for us and eases the pain of posting your content to social networks by ourselves.

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