How to Make the Most Out of Professional Marketing Event

Professional marketing conferences are great opportunities to share strategies and ideas with your peers, refresh sales, and up your marketing game plan. But how do benefit the most from these conferences?

Well, before we decide to sponsor or attend an event, we start by examining which business difficulties we intend to solve. We ask, does the conference theme line up with our marketing goal? Are there ways it will improve sales? Raise brand awareness? Allow us to sync with industry experts? If the answers are positive, then it’s worth attending. But you do not only want to attend the event. You want to make the most out of it. Here are expert tips on how you can make the most from marketing conferences.


1. Know both the Attendees and Speakers

Since marketing conferences are all about making positive connections, do some research, and evaluate who has solved similar business problems in the past…or has problems you can solve. After all, the goal of everyone there is to hit business goals. Note that marketing conferences are usually loaded with activities and events. There is no way to be present in all events or meet every sponsor or attendee. A good idea is to study the agenda to identify the events and people that align with our business goals, and then plan the day around who matter. And if we find someone who doesn’t, we excuse our self gracefully. The bottom line, make value-adding friends.


2. Use Social Media

Before an event, social media will let you know networks or opportunities that are not part of the event. It will help you identify people you would like to connect with while there. During the event, use the events speaker profiles and hashtags to share what you are learning, and share/retweet what others are saying. It will create a lot of buzz for your business.


3. Make Follow-ups

Prior to hopping back on the daily grind, we connect with contacts on LinkedIn and send out personal emails to thank individuals for their assistance. You can also send thank you’s to the speakers in case you were able to establish contact during the event. Email and tell them you loved meeting them and if you can, reference something useful they said. This goes a long way to building a lasting relationship. Of course, not everyone you will have met will be a lead but adding them to your profile on LinkedIn will mean another pair of eyes on your content every time you post.

Bear in mind the benefits of a digital marketing conference to your business hinges mainly on you. The event will only be as good as your experience in drawing the most from it. Take 100% responsibility for it.


4. Take Lots of Notes and Photos

Taking notes will allow you to recall everything that was said, give you a lot of material for those in your firm who did not attend the event to study, and get you a lot of kudos. What’s more, the notes could be used to make an epic blog post or great content for your social media page. You can also take photos and share them with your audience. You can write recap posts of conversations you had with your fellow attendees and post them as well. And a huge advantage, you can interview key attendees and speakers. For instance, if you are an SEO blog, you can blog each day about SEO tactics, but if you attend a conference and Matt Cutts of Google is speaking, you can put it up, snag a five minutes interview with Matt, and post that on your blog. This would get your company a huge following.


5. Network like Crazy

Talking and meeting with people at these events is useful. You can join conversations at the dinner table and glean information as much as you can on Facebook or Twitter. You would get short shrift and may be thrown out for being weird if you just keep to yourself, so participate.

Well, these are the tips we have prepared on this blog post. We encourage you to flip through our website to learn more. We have tons of information for you. You are also welcome to like, tweet, comment, or share this post on social media.

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