Using Pinterest To Get New Customers-Facts You Should Know

Nowadays, running a contest or a promotion on Twitter or Facebook is exceptionally complex. These platforms have come up with stringent rules and regulations on promoting your products and any failure to follow any of them results in immediate termination of your account. However, despite this drawback, social media marketing is something businesses, online marketers and organizations of all types cannot do without.

However, in light of these challenges, Pinterest is there to solve them for you. It is the third most visited social media website and rules on promoting your business on it are much more accommodating. Here are the top strategies on how to use Pinterest to get more traffic, increase sales and win your business more customers:


Be visual

This means using large interesting images, bright, bold colours and consistent imaginatively themed boards. The more visually attractive your pin is, the higher the chances of it being repined. A good board should have a mixture of a small amount of text and photographs graphics.


Be resourceful

Majority of the large brands pin their products images to the boards making it easy to click on the image and be directed to the site where the customer can purchase the product. However, for small businesses that operate their e-commerce on eBay, Shopify store of Etsy, they can pin the images of their products to the board, and the customer will be directed to your store after clicking those pins.


Be different

It is difficult as a marketer to differ the experience for users on any given social media. For Twitter, there are just one hundred and forty characters to utilize while, on Facebook, you can’t transcend the wall.’ However, Pinterest may be a platform where you’ve got an area to experiment with various themes, activities, competitions and concepts, all via multiple boards.


Be informative

Creating pins may be a daunting task and the space available is limited to five images. However, there is a five hundred characters space for a text that you can use to give instructions. Clicking the image directs you to the relevant product or service page on the site.

All kind of business can use unique boards to give guidance and help on how to do all sorts of practical or creative things, binding into the services or products you offer.


Set specific and measurable goals.

For success on Pinterest, make sure you and your team are precise, clear and exact on the goals and objectives you want to achieve with your campaign. Have in mind that Pinterest is not one of those platforms where the old adage of killing two birds with one arrow applies. Ideally, in each promotion, have only one or two goals. This helps in keeping things less confusing and in connecting and engaging directly with your target customers.


Make an optimal choice of contest type

Unity of purpose is the first step but the real strength of Pinterest promotions and contests lie in picking the right type of contest for your target audience. For example, a contest aimed at gaining more traffic will be dramatically different from one aimed at driving traffic to your website, promoting sales or winning customer loyalty. Here is a look at the 4 popular types of contests on Pinterest;

· To gain more followers, set up a contest that asks people to follow you.

· To obtain information on your product create a board and ask participants to leave their comments before leaving.

· To drive traffic to your business, ask participants to create a board, place your business name on it, choose their ten favourite products from your store and place it on their websites.

· To earn social proof and credibility, win new customers and boost sales, create a board that requires participants to upload a photo of themselves with your product or a high-quality video. This establishes immediate loyalty.


Offer worthy prizes

Offer worth prizes and include clear instruction on how winners will redeem their prizes and if there are any cost in doing so. Ideally, a high-value prize such as $500 gift certificate, a shopping spree, a dream vacation or one on one coaching session normally draws more attention. This also makes customers feel appreciated and they will be proud to be associated with your products or services.

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