Top 6 Negative Impact Of Social Media Networking You Should Avoid At All Cost

Our daily lives revolve around technology and the majority of us cannot imagine living without a mobile phone or the internet even for a day. Social networking is now part of our society with sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and others holding a vital and unique role in our day to day lives. The key role of social media is to assist us to hold better contact with family and friends, connect with new people and advertise product and services. Even if social networking has tremendously contributed to good things, there are some negative impacts on our daily lives. Here is a list of some negative impacts of social networking in our lives in 2020.

1. Addiction to Social Media.

Even if there is no disorder or disease that has been linked to social networking addiction, some behaviours related to excessive use of social media have lately become the subject of research and discussion. A social networking addict is someone who uses social media excessively to the point where it interferes with other daily activities. Spending countless hours on social media can be a cause of the undiscovered behavioural disorder.
According to research by Wilhelm Hoffmann of Chicago, it is harder to resist twitter than alcohol and cigarettes. The team used Blackberry to gauge the willpower of two hundred people aged between 18-85 years. The outcome portrayed that every day, the self-control’ decreased and concluded that between cigarettes, alcohol and social media, the self-control-failure’ rate was highest with social media. In addition, other researchers have linked sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety and some psychological disorder to individuals who spend a lot of time online.


2. Hate Speech/Cyber Bullying.

Most of the teenagers, kids and even adults experience cyberbullying in a method or the opposite. Due to the lack of strict restriction on what people post, the information shared can be untrue. Such rumours spread rapidly and make people gang up and attack one person. Other people post horrible things that they cannot say on a face-to-face conversation. Social media has been used as a platform by people to post threats and hateful comments.


3. Perpetual Comparison with others.

Let’s face the reality; we continuously look at each other’s social networking site, admiring lifestyles, clothes and sometimes relationships. Frequently, we wish that our lives were like others. Indeed, people tend to share only their bright side of life leaving out the dull side. However, people do not take this into consideration when they start comparing their lives to others and instead end up feeling miserable which can lead to depression and low self-esteem.

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4. Making “Friends” online.

Even if social networking helps you to connect with new individuals, it has an impact on how people make friends nowadays. People are comfortable scrolling on the list of friends, chatting or interacting online instead of meeting them face-to-face. This has made us sacrifice physical interaction with a shallow form of interaction. Majority of the people who are best friends on social media are unable to interact freely on a face-to-face conversation. Indeed, some people instead of sharing their problems and thoughts with their close real’ friends, they air them online.


5. Professional vs. Personal presentation.

One of the key questions that arise when sharing our personal details on social sites is how to balance our professional and personal lives online. The social media landscape is wide and can get intimidating for those who decide to mix both their professional and social lives online.
Social media management is an important component to be considered as you venture into the career market. Displaying your fun is a liability when an employer or job hunter can gain access to such information. It is sometimes tricky to balance posting personal details on social media sites while risking to offend a potential employer, colleague or even your family.
In addition, your information on the internet is no longer safe, especially with the advance in the technology used by hackers. Even with current anti-virus programs, hackers are outsmarting vast companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Java thus costing them a lot as well as making them vulnerable.


6. Distraction.

Social media networking causes a lot of distraction in our daily lives. Majority of the people can’t wait for an hour without logging into their social media account. This makes them divert their minds from important matters in life. Instead of concentrating on school, family or work, we end up spending most of our time online. Social media should be used to help a person grow and learn instead of being unproductive.
Indeed, social media are here to stay, and they have transformed the way we think, interact and make friends, share opinions and even vote. Therefore, it is high time for us to consider how we manage our social-networking habits before we get lost in this mayhem.

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