6 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing Mobile App

Mobile app developers are always looking for ways to develop a great, engaging, top-selling apps that will give success immediately. There are many resource books available on mobile application development as well as online and offline mobile app development tutorials. After induction of Smart Phones, iPhones, tablets, and other high-tech mobile phones, many people are shifting from the use of big devices such as desktops and laptops to smaller handheld devices. Statistics show that mobile phone controls more than 39% of internet traffic and the percentage is increasing each day. This has tremendously increased the need for a mobile app. However, mobile app development is not an easy task- you cannot develop a mobile app without a clear understanding of the common pitfalls you are likely to encounter and how well to circumvent them. The following are the 6 mistakes to avoid when developing a mobile app.


1.Becoming a jack of all trades

Mobile app development is not a single man task. Most people who have tried to design, develop, make trials, and sell on their own have dismally performed. It is very important to use various professionals. For example, you can design your app but allow the mobile app development company to recommend features that should be shed or added.

It is also good to let professionals test your app. Mobile app development is not an event, but rather a process. Marketing and monetizing your app is the most critical step in developing a mobile app. These professionals are very experienced and are more connected to effectively market your app. They are in a better position to convince mobile users to take your app.


2.Too many features

Most people are attempted to develop an app with too many features. Developing an app with too many features does not only escalate the cost of developing but also makes it difficult to for the consumer to adopt. Mobile app users are likely to adopt an app that is easy to use. Developing an app with too many features also limits the number of devices that are likely to support it. Let the user interface be easy-to-use, intuitive, and appealing.

All in all, develop an app that is easy. Once consumers have taken up the app, you can slowly add other features. This will lower app development costs and also make your app readily adaptable.


3.Ignoring the share option

For your app to get viral, it is very important to include the share option. But most amateur app developers tend to ignore this. There is a huge difference between mobile and computer app- it is very important to think of the platform that is being used. Publishing a mobile app on your website is not good enough and will not make it viral.

Make your app user friendly by including the share options.


4.Inadequate marketing strategy

There are many mobile apps with hundreds of millions of users. After designing mobile and putting it on analytics, it is good to start figuring out how the app will be marketed. Look at the strategies of the biggest mobile app in the world and borrow hits on how you can effectively market your app. To succeed, you must keep advertising your app from the word go- most mobile app developers keep their ideas in mind in fear that the idea will be stolen. It is vital to start marketing your app right away.


5.Unrealistic budget and timeliness

As noted earlier, mobile app development is not an easy task, you need time and a clear budget. Let your app be up-to-date- ensure you develop an app with the latest features that can be supported by the devices in the market as well as the shifting trends in future devices. Have a realistic budget and keep your app up-to-date.


6.Not trying

Do not commit another very humiliating blow of launching a mobile app before putting it on the analytics. Don’t do it yourself, let professionals do it for you but you should also remain part of the team. Testing will polish issues such as design, features, and user experience.

Mobile app development is not an easy task and is not one-man-task. The major mistake that many mobile developers are committing is becoming a jack of trades. For a mobile app to succeed, it is good to avoid these 6 common pitfalls.

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