What Makes a Great Affiliate Marketer

We all know that it takes skills and patience to be an accomplished affiliate manager. Optimizing and tracking launched campaigns while at the same time negotiating new partnerships makes the day filled with a lot of analysis and communication.

Since setting my feet in the deepwater of affiliate marketing, I have worked with different affiliate managers and each offered a different experience. The best and easiest to work with are those who do timely follow up, prepare work schedules for tasks they will do prior to the launch, and get the campaigns up and running on time. They work to track and optimize the campaigns using A/B tests, testing varying promotional methods, and then analyzing the results.

From my experience, partnering with a good affiliate manager will save you a lot of troubles and frustrations. In addition, it rewards you with the much needed time to work on the more strategic aspects of your business such as managing growth. Here are the characteristics you should look for when hiring an affiliate manager;



A determined manager is one who will do whatever it takes to get your campaign up and running within the set deadline. Most importantly, he or she will make sure to fully optimize the campaign for the best results. Determination is vital in the online affiliate marketing business since it is so competitive. Merchants and advertisers want to hire affiliate managers with a mindset of “I have to get it done, and done the right way the first time.”



Organizational skills are essential in this niche since a single affiliate manager could be running hundreds of campaigns at any given time; each with varying deadlines and advertisers. Those with to-do lists and schedules are usually the most organized. They maintain records of all their merchants/advertisers’ discussions and what requires to be done by when. It is extremely easy for an affiliate marketing manager to slip off track. So, it is vital to recruiting one who can maintain themselves organized the whole time.

People person

I don’t think you would like to work with an affiliate manager who does not greet you and talk happily on the phone, inquire how things are going, send friendly emails, or sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiries. Finally, you will get worked up with their indifference and terminate the partnership. You will have to set out in the market again to search for a friendly affiliate manager to help you run your marketing campaigns. In addition, people skills are essential in affiliate marketing as your manager will be interacting with your clients and leads. So, if you find you do not enjoy talking with your affiliate marketer, don’t think your leads are happy.


Need Optimism

The last quality a good affiliate manager should have is optimism. Negative thoughts should never be allowed to discourage an affiliate marketer from pursuing their dreams in order to make life better for them or all around them. The attitude you share towards your business should always be positive because you will have to realize that you are the captain of your ship and you’re the one steering it towards destiny.


Need Discipline

The fourth quality is self-discipline. If you teach yourself to work every day with all your heart and soul, you will be a lot closer to reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.



Ever sent an urgent communication to your Affiliate manager and you had to wait for a week for feedback? If you have, then you appreciate responsiveness is an essential element when hiring an affiliate manager. The moment you email or call them, and you get feedback within hours, maybe minutes, it sends a signal that they value your business and they are responsible partners. You need an affiliate manager you can count on since they are an essential part of growing your revenue. Timely responsiveness boosts trust which is the ingredient needed to expand your partnership.



Take a short break and consider the various affiliate managers you are presently working with and write a big thank you to the ones who meet the qualities above. If you have one who is persistently failing you, take action and look for another one. Otherwise, he or she could be the reason you are never attaining your sales targets.

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