Facts You Should Know About Water Heaters

With the fast variety of water heaters in the market today, looking for one that will adequately meet your needs is a daunting and stressful task. The moment you bump into an appliance store, your eyes are hit by a multitude of water heating systems and it becomes hard to make a wise and economically rational decision on which model to buy. Water heating is the second highest consumer of heat in our homes. Therefore, if you are in the market purchasing a water heating system, you have to choose wisely. Here are some factors to consider:


The budget you have for the water heater system

When you decide to install a water heater, it is important to consider both the immediate and after installation cost. The cost for installing a natural gas water heater is higher than for electric water heater, but the operating cost of the natural gas water heater is lower than that of an electric water heater. In addition, the life-cycle cost of natural gas water heaters is lower.


The efficiency of the water heater

The operating efficiency of a natural gas water heater is measured by its EF (energy factor) while the electric unit is measured by standby loss. Therefore, when purchasing a water heater, select the model with low standby loss or high energy factor rating because these models will produce fewer emissions, and consume less energy.

Consider the FHR (First Hour Rating)

FHR measures the amount of hot water in liters, the heater is able to supply in a span of one hour. To buy an appropriately sized water heater for your home, select a model with a First Hour Rating that suites or slightly exceeds your maximum estimated peak 1hour use.
Generally, there are two major types of water heaters in the market. They have been used by homemakers and consumers for a long time with most of them rating them with five stars. Natural gas storage water heaters are commonly used for the residential water heater. These heaters are currently becoming popular due to their efficiency and have sidewall venting capability. Here are reviews of two water heaters in the market:



The Valliant Eco-Tech plus 360 is one of the fast variety of water boilers produced by Valliant. This boiler is LPG convertible. This makes it convenient to install and to use. What’s more, if you are looking to cut on your electricity expenditure, this model has it all.
Since this boiler is designed for wall mounting, its shape makes it perfect for use even in small rooms. The only demerit of the Valliant is that it does not include a timer and so individuals who want to keep track of heating durations may not find it so useful. Overall, this model is easy to operate, and its diagnostic display helps in case of any problem. If you are looking for an efficient and easy to install a boiler, you can be sure that the Eco-Tec plus 360 offers the best choice for you.


The British

British gas has specialized in water heating for a couple of years, and one of its outstanding products is the British Gas 330 HE. This hot water boiler is handy in terms of shape and compactness. In addition, it is easy to install, and you can easily do the installation by yourself. The only limitation of this system is that it is only designed for open ventilation installation. However, on the overall rating, this boiler has received an A.

So, if you are in the process of buying a hot water boiler, commence by looking at these two models. They may narrow your search.
Safety measures when using a water heater
· Ensure appliance venting is in good condition and tightly secured.
· Ensure there are no flammable objects around the hot water tank such as thinners, paper, paint, cleaning agent, and all combustible materials.
· Ensure there is regular checking of your water heater mostly on an annual basis. Regular maintenance prolongs the life-span of the water heater and ensures it works safely and efficiently. The best season to service your water heater is during the summer
Choosing a good water heater will minimize the cost of energy that will be used in your home.

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