Computers and Technology The Emerging Trends

As the years go by, the influence of technology in our day to day activities increases. Without a doubt, computers have become an essential part of our daily lives. We simply cannot be separated from them. New trends are constantly emerging in the world of computers and technology. Some of these emerging trends may have a tremendous impact on our lives with regard to various aspects such as; social interaction and communication, entertainment, professional activities, health, education, and many others. Even though some of them may have a significant impact on many aspects of our lives some of them may not have such a great bearing on our lives. Whether great or not, these trends are going to have some influence on our lives and hence we are going to highlight some of them. It is also important to note that some of them may just be fads and may never go mainstream.

One of the yet to be released tech gadgets that have everyone talking is definitely the Google eyeglasses. According to many technology analysts, these glasses are going to change how we communicate both online and offline in a great way. Certainly, they will revolutionize online communication by making it more personal. You will be able to share what you see exactly as you see it with other people online. As you walk or do other activities you will also be able to view everything that is going on online upon your request without having to fetch out your phone. However, most people are of the opinion that even though these glasses will improve online communication they will affect normal offline human to human communication negatively. They argue that the effect social networking sites and smartphones have had on a normal human to human communication is nothing compared to the effect these glasses will have. Only time can tell whether they are right or wrong.

Computers and technology are also going to change another major aspect of our lives in the near future. They are going to change how we drive. As a matter of fact, in the future, we may not even drive at all. Computers may drive for us. Self-driven cars are no longer just a concept found in futuristic movies, they are already a reality. Several prototypes have already been made. Google has definitely cemented its place as the global leader in the development of self-driving cars technology by undertaking most of the research and prototype development work. However, before self –driving cars become a reality on our roads, you must be ready to give up your keys and trust a computer to drive you. Not many people are ready to do this and hence it may be a long wait before we see any self-driving cars in the future. The government must also streamline its legislation to allow self-driven cars.

In the near future, the integration of cloud technology in most aspects of the technology world is likely to increase. Cloud storage is already popular but its popularity is bound to increase if establishments that offer cloud storage services improve security measures that they have in place. Even though cloud storage space is normally quite large, the storage capacity of normal storage items such as Micro SD disks and flash disks are bound to continue increasing. The fact that SanDisk recently launched an SD card with a capacity of 512GB is clear evidence of this. All these developments are going to enable computer users to store a large amount of information more effectively.

In the near future, another aspect of technology that is set to undergo a drastic change in the area of processor speeds. You can definitely expect all gadgets that will be released to be faster. Whereas current processors boast of speeds of about 2.5ghz, Intel has already launched a next-generation processor that boasts of speeds of about 4.0 GHz. You can only imagine the speeds of processors that will be released in the near future. Speeds that you consider to be fast today will certainly be considered to be a joke. Generally, most newly released computer gadgets are expected to continue being more compact and sleeker.

It is indeed true that if there is anything in the world that can never stop changing it is definitely computers and technology.

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