Improve Your Business With Tumblr- Easy, Effective And Economical Way

Tumblr is a social networking platform with more than 130 million blogs and ranked among the top 15 websites in the US. Tumblr allows organizations and people to share photos, quotes, music, text, links and videos. In addition, it allows people and organizations to customize the HTML of their profile. If you operate a business, there will be amazing benefits by joining it. They include:


1. Easy to use

It does not necessitate you to have any technical skills for you to start blogging. It has a very user-friendly interface that the majority of the people can figure out very easily and start writing whatever you need on your blog. An additional benefit is that unlike the majority of other blogging sites, they do not put too much emphasis on the length of what to post. This gives you the freedom to determine the length of what to post.


2. It is amazing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is indexed by all the search engines and entails social media sharing tools. This will enable it to attract masses of traffic to your business website.


3. Allow micro-blogging

It allows businesses to microblog. This will enable your business to share posts easily and quickly with your social networks.


4. Allow posting of different media

It will enable you to post videos, images, links, text and other media directly to the platform even without adding any additional content. Tumblr being present in multiple mobile platforms, such as BlackBerry, Ios devices and Google, it is easy to update your Tumblr for anywhere. Tumblr has an app that is available to all mobile platforms thus allowing more people to view you Tumblr from anywhere.


5. You can queue

When using Tumblr permits users to set up a schedule to delay a post that is made. This enables you to write up various blogs, share videos or pictures and spread them uniformly throughout the week or even day. This enables you to get published whenever you wish, even if you are unable to get online.


6. Use of tag

Tumblr allows the use of tags on the posts, forming a searchable term that a user can place on a specific post. This makes it convenient and easy for everyone to find a post based on a certain search term.


7. Shelf relevant business content

It allows your business to collect and host content, by reposting content in your business profile. This will increase visibility and traffic to your business.


8. Freedom to customize it to fit your desires

The major problems with most blogging sites are that you have no freedom to decide how the blog to look like. Mostly, when you use a blog for business, you would need it to be similar to your website, and this is achievable when using Tumblr. When using Tumblr, you will have a custom domain thus no need to use subdomains that you have to use when using the other blogging sites. This will offer you a domain that individuals will recall and associate with your company.


9. No cost incurred by the business

It is completely free to use it and does not require any financial investment by your business. Unlike other platforms where businesses are required to pay for added features, Tumblr is completely free to your business. This is a great way of minimizing the cost of your business. Having a presence on the site that you are getting a lot of traffic and no cost incurred is very beneficial for your business.


10. Ability to track improvement with analytics

It allows your business to connect easily with Google Analytics to track statistics and progress. This will improve your online marketing capabilities.


11. The interaction that will benefit your business

This platform was established to encourage interaction. You will be amazed by the way organizations and businesses interact with ease on this platform as compared to other platforms. This will enable you to get more customers for your products or services. It is not a simple blogging site, but it is a whole community. This ensures that people go to their home page and use it to search blogs that they are interested in. This assists in bringing a lot of traffic that you would not have got.

No matter the kind of organization you are running, Tumblr will yield a lot of benefits for you.

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