Best IPhone Or IPad Apps That You Should Not Miss

Have your iPhone/iPad become a common gadget to you? You can transform it by adding some gorgeous apps. Here is a list of the top 12 apps for your iPhone/iPad:


1. Path Talk

This is a prompt message from the makers of the acquainted alternative social network. The path offers a wide variety of check-in. It is easy to share images, locations, and short audio messages to your personal circle of friends. Path Talk has amazing features called Ambient Status that automatically update your status on the bases of what you are up to.


2. Radio Times Magazine

Due to the high demand of TV listing magazines in the age of smart TVs and electronic program guide, Radio Times has come up with a new Newsstand version for iOS. This version is essentially a PDF version of the printed mag, but still useful for any couch potato.


3. Telegraph Clearing

Due to the young, highly-mobile individuals, the Telegraph’s app for 2014, is a clearing system for tertiary institution spaces in the world. Students, who are searching for vacancies in the institutions, can use this app to browse available courses. The vacancies are updated on an hourly bases.


4. ScratchJr

The modern coding for children category, is becoming crowded on the app stores, but ScratchJr comes for MIT; a finer source. MIT was responsible for the scratch visual programming language that inspired it. This app is ideal for children between the ages of 5-7 years. It helps children to create stories by slotting together blocks of codes. It is a huge potential.

5. Blue Note 75

Blue Note Records is a jazz label that has been in the market for the last 75 years. They are celebrating their seventy-fifth birthday with a new iPad app showing off its catalog. When installed on your iPad, you can browse artist biographies, photos, and videos from the archives. In addition, if you are a subscriber to Deezer, Rdio, or Spotify, you can log in to stream the music.


6. Photoshop Mix

This is a fresh new editing app that surpasses in selecting portions of an image. It links with Creative Cloud, to enable you impeccably shunt your creations into Photoshop or relish server-side image processing. You can easily select the part of your image, selectively apply modifications, and save those modifications without rescinding the original picture.


7. Indiegogo

Nowadays, majority of the crowd-funding services are in the rush for their own app. Kickstarter was the first to create their own app and now, their rival Indiegogo has followed the track. You can use this app to get access to the campaigns trying to mobilize funds on Indiegogo or to keep track of your own campaign if you are running one.


8. Cura TV

Cura TV is a pool of video channels from specialist food sellers. These sellers tout their ware for customers to buy. They sell beer, wine, and Greek food. The app uses a mobile payment system Stripe to make buying it simple and quick.


9. Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Safari

Axel Scheffler is best known as the illustrator of The Gruffalo. However, he has plenty of other projects at his disposal. This characterful flip-book-app is the current project. It is intended for children. When using it, the children are able to create hybrid animals by flipping through bottoms and tops, with each new beast getting its own poem.


10. PewDiePie

Recently, PewDiePie was ranked as the biggest TV star in the universe, with more than 30 billion views of his YouTube channel in the last year. Now, PewDiePie has an official app that is bringing fans his regular videos, including an option to customize their feed with their favorites. Due to the young highly-mobile audience, this will be popular.

11. Timeful

It is styling itself as an “Intelligent Time Assistant”. It mergers your list of activities to do and your calendar. After blending, it assists you to learn from your habits to recommend suitable times to schedule in those tasks. It works impeccably with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone’s default diary, and Yahoo Calendar.


12. Shutter

This is a new camera app that aims at cloud backup. Most of your photos can stay stored on your device locally before getting back up to the cloud. Large batches of photos and big videos can be shared easily over social networks, e-mails, or to relatives and friends using Shutter. The bundled camera app has limited basic filters, but once the backup is enabled, you are able to access all of the pictures stored on your device from any camera app you select.

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